Travel Agency in Chéngdū

Extravagant Yak

This foreign-owned company specialises in travel to Tibet and the Tibetan areas of Sìchuān, with a wide range of group and bespoke tour options and a particularly strong focus on offbeat hiking and biking trips. It …
Tourist Information in Chéngdū

Sìchuān Mountaineering Association

Permits generally take seven days to process and cost from US$300 per site. You'll need to provide passports, proof of medical insurance and a clear itinerary. For popular but allegedly treacherous mountains such as…
Travel Agency in Chéngdū

Windhorse Tour

A Chinese agency running tours throughout western China (note: it's not connected to Wind Horse Adventure in Lhasa). Contact English-speaking Helen. The office is accessed around the back, to the right if you're fac…
Hospital in Chéngdū

West China Hospital SCU

This hospital complex is China’s largest and is among the most well regarded. Foreigners should head for the International Hospital here, where doctors and some staff speak English. Note that some treatments without…
Immigration in Chéngdū

PSB Entry & Exit Service Centre

Visa extensions (in seven working days), residence permits and paperwork for lost passports are on the 3rd floor. It's around back of the building behind the Mao statue's right hand, to the left of the Sìchuān Scien…
Hospital in Chéngdū

Global Doctor Chéngdū Clinic

English- and Chinese-speaking doctors and a 24-hour emergency line, and can even make house visits. Consultations cost ¥840; after-hours visits ¥1050; house calls ¥1700.
Travel Agency in Chéngdū

Tibetan Trekking

Contact Gao Liqiang for treks and 4WD trips, or just fantastic advice, especially for the Tibetan areas of western Sìchuān.
Consulate in Chéngdū

US Consulate

Open for regular consular services between 1pm and 4pm three days a week, but available 24/7 for emergencies.
Bank in Chéngdū

Bank of China - Rénmín Běilù

Changes money and travellers cheques, and offers cash advances on credit cards.
Travel Agency in Chéngdū

Kham Voyage

Operates cultural, trekking and motorbike tours in Kham/Western Sìchuān.