Chengde attractions

Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Chengde

Pǔníng Temple

With its squeaking prayer wheels and devotional intonations of its monks, this is Chéngdé’s only active temple. It was built in 1755 in anticipation of Qianlong’s victory over the western Mongol tribes in Xīnjiāng. …
Top Choice Historic Site in Chengde

Bìshǔ Shānzhuāng

The imperial summer resort is composed of a main palace complex with vast, parklike gardens, all enclosed by a handsome 10km-long wall. The entrance price is steep (as it is with all the main sights here in Chéngdé)…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Chengde

Pǔtuózōngchéng Temple

Chéngdé’s largest temple is a not-so-small replica of Lhasa’s Potala Palace and houses the nebulous presence of Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin). A marvellous sight on a clear day, the temple’s red walls stand out against …
Buddhist Temple in Chengde

Pǔlè Temple

This peaceful temple was built in 1776 for the visits of minority envoys from the west (Kazakhs and Uighurs among them). At the rear of the temple is the unusual Round Pavilion, modelled on the Hall of Prayer for Go…
Buddhist Temple in Chengde

Ānyuǎn Temple

A copy of the former Gurza Temple on Xīnjiāng's western border, this rarely visited complex dates back to 1764, built to commemorate the Qianlong emperor's annexation of the region around Tiān Shān. Only the three-s…
Buddhist Temple in Chengde

Temple of Sumeru, Happiness & Longevity

This huge temple was built in honour of the sixth Panchen Lama, who stayed here in 1781. Incorporating Tibetan and Chinese architectural elements, it’s an imitation of the Panchen’s home monastery Tashilhunpo in Shi…
Historic Building in Chengde

Main Palace

The Main Palace of the Bìshǔ Shānzhuāng (避暑山庄; Imperial Villa) consists of a series of nine courtyards and five elegant, unpainted halls, with a rusticity complemented by towering pine trees. The wings in each court…
Taoist Temple in Chengde

Guāndì Temple

The heavily restored Guāndì Temple was first built during the reign of Yongzheng, in 1732. For years the temple housed residents but is again home to a band of Taoist monks, garbed in distinctive jackets and trouser…
Buddhist Temple in Chengde

Pǔyòu Temple

Housed within the grounds of Pǔníng Temple, on the east side, is this dilapidated temple. Though its main hall is long gone, it has a number of gilded luóhàn along the side wings (although a 1964 fire destroyed many…
Pagoda in Chengde

Yǒngyòusì Pagoda

This wonderfully elegant 250-year-old pagoda soars above the fragments of its vanished temple in the northeast of the imperial summer resort of Bìshǔ Shānzhuāng (避暑山庄; Imperial Villa).