Chaozhou attractions

Top Choice Park in Chaozhou

West Lake

The moat of ancient Cháozhōu is a lake inside a park well-loved by locals. Around the lake are a few notable buildings. Hánbì Building served as a military office during anti-warlord expeditions in 1925. Sitting on …
Top Choice Bridge in Chaozhou

Guǎngjǐ Bridge

Originally a 12th-century pontoon bridge with 86 boats straddling the Hán River, Guǎngjǐ Bridge suffered repeated destruction over the centuries. The current version is a brilliant, faux-ancient passageway with 18 w…
Historic Site in Chaozhou


China’s largest octagonal Hakka earthen house, Dàoyùnlóu is located in Raópíng (饶平), 53km from Cháozhōu. Some 600 villagers once resided in this stunning complex built in 1587; now only 100 remain. Ascend to the upp…
Temple in Chaozhou

Jǐluè Huáng Temple

The highlights here are the ancient Cháozhōu woodcarvings decorating the walls and thresholds – most single pieces took a decade to complete. The art form is famous for its rich and subtle details, intricate designs…
Buddhist Site in Chaozhou

Kāiyuán Temple

Built in AD 738, Cháozhōu’s most famous temple has old bodhi trees and an embarrassment of statues, including one of a 1000-arm Guanyin. Roof tiles can be daubed by a calligraphist (by donation) with your wishes, to…
Street in Chaozhou

Paifang Jie

Paifang Jie, running 1948m from north to south in the old quarter, has signage to the main sights and is a good place to orient yourself. It’s made up of Taiping Lu (太平路; 1742m) and Dongmen Jie (东门街; 206m).
Historic Building in Chaozhou

Phoenix Building

Sitting on a knoll in West Lake is Phoenix Building, with its bird-like shape, iron moongate, gourd-shaped ceiling openings, and quirky interior spaces formed by the fowl’s anatomy.
Confucian in Chaozhou

Cháozhōu Confucian Academy

This 4000-sq-metre compound has murky lily ponds teeming with koi and a main temple dedicated to Confucius that is supported by 48 pillars. Confucious is treated like a god of knowledge. The fact that he was a mere …
Historic Building in Chaozhou

Emperor Xu’s Son-in-Law’s Mansion

This breezy mansion originally built in 1064 retains some of its ancient stonework and wall coverings. The high door saddles, unique to southern China, were used to protect doors from humidity. The antechamber was u…
Temple in Chaozhou

Hánwén Temple

On the east bank of the Hán, this is the oldest and best-preserved temple dedicated to the Tang dynasty philosopher Han Yu, who was banished to ‘far-flung’ Guǎngdōng for his anti-Buddhist views.