Top things to do in Changsha

Top Choice Hunan in Changsha


There’s a great buzz at this landmark eatery, established in 1747 and set in and around a small templelike courtyard. Even Mao has eaten here, in 1958, and he praised the homemade choù dòufu (臭豆腐; stinky tofu; ¥18).…
Top Choice Dumplings in Changsha

Sōnghuājiāng Jiǎoziguǎn

Not a romantic choice, this bustling eatery specialises in the mellow cuisine of northern China. Dumplings (饺子; jiǎozi) are the speciality and come in many varieties, including pork and chives (¥6), lamb and onion (…
Historic Site in Changsha

Old City Walls & Tiānxīn Pavilion

The old city walls, which once stretched for 9km around ancient Chángshā, were built of rammed earth in 202 BC, reinforced with stone in AD 1372 (during the Ming dynasty), damaged by the Taiping in 1852 and finally …
Hunan in Changsha

Huǒgōngdiàn – Wuyi Dadao

This Wuyi Dadao branch of Huǒgōngdiàn is a cavernous restaurant with stone tabletops, diligent staff and traditional music wafting over diners. The dim sum and cold veggie dishes come around on squeaking trolleys, b…
Museum in Changsha

Húnán Provincial Museum

This formerly first-rate museum was undergoing a complete rebuild at the time of research. It is expected to reopen in late 2017.
Hunan in Changsha

Lǎo Chángshā Lóngxiāguǎn

This cavernous and raucous warehouse-like dining hall is the most enjoyable place to sample one of Chángshā's signature dishes: spicy crayfish (龙虾; lóngxiā). You may need to wait for a table, so grab a number, and a…
Buddhist Site in Changsha

Kaifu Temple

This large and active temple in the north of town dates originally to the Five Dynasties period, with many additions during later dynasties. The imposing Hall of the Three Kings (三圣殿; Sānshèng Diàn) at the front con…
Teahouse in Changsha

Yìngshānlóu Cháguǎn

This lovely three-storey teahouse is replete with traditional charm, hidden away inside Tiānxīn Park, right beside the entrance to the Old City Wall and Tiānxīn Pavilion. The building actually straddles part of the …
Park in Changsha

Tangerine Isle

The most famous of the city’s parks is a 5km-long sliver of an island smack bang in the middle of the Xiāng River. A reflective 32-year-old Mao immortalised it in 'Changsha', probably his best regarded poem, after s…
Historic Site in Changsha

Yuèlù Academy

Students have been cramming for exams at the base of Yuèlù Mountain west of the river since AD 976, when the academy was established as one of China’s four institutions of higher learning. The Song-era grounds are n…