Yìngshānlóu Cháguǎn

Teahouse in Chángshā

This lovely three-storey teahouse is replete with traditional charm, hidden away inside Tiānxīn Park, right beside the entrance to the Old City Wall and Tiānxīn Pavilion. The building actually straddles part of the ancient wall, and you can sit beside it on the tree-shaded terrace.

The tea menu is in Chinese, although each tea category – green, black, oolong etc – is written in English, so you at least know what type of tea you're ordering. Some teas are priced per cup (杯; bēi), others per pot (壶; ). As always, you can fill up your cup or pot with hot water as often as you like.

This is also a nice quiet spot for lunch. Again the menu is in Chinese only, but recommendations include: píngguō jìyú (平锅鲫鱼; pan-fried carp; ¥40), jiàng xiāngròu (酱香肉; very spicy pork stew; ¥48) and qīngjiāo chǎoròu (青椒炒肉; pork fried with slightly spicy peppers; ¥35).