Top things to do in Central Yunnan

Top Choice Yunnan in Nuodeng

Yán Quán Nóngjiā

The one genuine restaurant in the village is also one of the most famous in Yúnnán, after being featured on the hit Chinese TV show A Bite of China. People come from far and wide to sample huǒtuǐ (火腿; ¥40), a slight…
Top Choice Italian in Shaxi

Hungry Buddha

The most sophisticated eatery in town, and one of the most notable in all Yúnnán, with a mouth-watering, all-vegetarian menu utilising locally produced ingredients. Great homemade cheese, pasta and pizza, as well as…
Top Choice Yunnan in Kunming

Yíng Jiāng Dǎi Wèi Yuán

Popular with the locals, this bustling restaurant offers an authentic taste of the delicious, sour and spicy cuisine of the Dai minority from Xīshuāngbǎnnà in the deep south of Yúnnán, including such delicacies as b…
Top Choice Yunnan in Dali

Duan's Kitchen

Now so popular that you can expect to queue for a table, this place is set around a cosy and cute courtyard. The dishes are an interpretation of Bai cuisine rather than 100% the real deal, but the ingredients are ab…
Hill in Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Duōyīshù Rice Terrace

Located about 25km from Xīnjiē, this rice terrace has the most awesome sunrises and, of all those at Yuányáng, is the one you should not miss.
Hill in Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Quánfúzhuāng Rice Terrace

Quánfúzhuāng is a less-crowded alternative to Duōyīshù and has easy access via trails that reach the terraces.
Hill in Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Měngpǐn Rice Terrace

Among the rice terraces at Yuányáng, Měngpǐn, also known as Lǎohǔzuǐ (老虎嘴), is one of the most mesmerising places to watch the sunset.
Hill in Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Bàdá Rice Terrace

Bàdá is one of the finest rice terraces at Yuányáng to catch a sunset.
Buddhist Temple in Kunming

Bamboo Temple

This serene temple (no photos allowed inside) is definitely one to be visited by sculptors as much as by those interested in temple collecting. Raised during the Tang dynasty, it was rebuilt in the 19th century by m…
Mountain in Weishan

Wēibǎo Shān

Eminently worthy Wēibǎo Shān, about 10km south of Wēishān, has a relatively easy hike to its peak at around 2500m. During the Ming and Qing dynasties it was the zenith of China’s Taoism, and you’ll find some superb …