Central Yúnnán shopping

Market in Kūnmíng

Flower & Bird Market

The Flower & Bird Market, also known as lǎo jiē (old street), has shrunk dramatically in recent years and is now hemmed in by encroaching modernity. Nor are flowers and birds the main draw here any more, althoug…
Books in Kūnmíng

Mandarin Books & CDs

Good spot for guidebooks, novels and a selection of travel writing in English and other languages, as well as books on Yúnnán itself.
Tea in Kūnmíng

Tiānfú Famous Teas

This place offers most types of teas grown in Yúnnán, including the famed pǔ’ěr tea.
Books in Dàlǐ

Mandarin Books & CDs

Bookshop that also sells maps of Dàlǐ.
Arts & Crafts in Xīnjiē

Window of Yuányáng

Do visit this place, down the steps from the main square (on the 2nd floor of a building on your right). Staff here work in sustainable economic development in local villages. Volunteers are very friendly and helpfu…