Central Yúnnán drinking and nightlife

Bar in Dàlǐ


Dàlǐ's most laid-back and hidden away bar attracts locals and expats with a fine selection of foreign beers and alcohol and a bar set in a garden (hence the name). It shows live European football on the weekends, th…
Bar in Dàlǐ

Bad Monkey

The eternally happening, Brit-run Bad Monkey brews its own strong ales (from ¥30; the IPA packs a punch), has nightly live music and endless drink specials. There's also reasonable pub grub (pizzas, burgers and shep…
Bar in Kūnmíng


Kūnmíng's late-night crowd congregate at this friendly and suitably grungy bar, which closes only when the last customer has left (often when the sun is coming up). Decent selection of local and foreign alcohol, tab…
Bar in Kūnmíng


The original of a growing number of Kūnmíng cocktail bars, Alei is a large, low-lit, modern space that has proved a hit with upwardly mobile locals. The bartenders know their trade and there's nightly live music of …
Cafe in Wēishān

Yàn Cafe

Just down the street from Xīnggǒng Tower is this laid-back little cafe run by a former Dàlǐ resident and her musician husband. Proper coffee and tea, as well as fruit shakes and beer. For now, it's the only place in…
Bar in Kūnmíng


In the heart of the Kūndū Night Market area, and jammed on weekends when there are DJs, the Mask isn't as hip as it once was but remains popular with both expats and locals. It offers a fair range of domestic and fo…
Bar in Kūnmíng


An expat-Chinese-run dive bar that attracts a mixed crowd of expats and locals. DJs most weekends and it shows the English football too.