Hospital in Kūnmíng

Richland International Hospital

Most of the doctors are Chinese but English is spoken here. Standards are generally good and prices are reasonable: consultations start from ¥30, then you pay for whatever treatment is required. It’s on the bottom t…
Police in Kūnmíng

Public Security Bureau

To visit the givers of visa extensions, head southeast off Government Sq (东风广场; Dōngfēng Guǎngchǎng) to the corner of Shangyi Jie and Beijing Lu. Another office is off Erhuan Beilu in northern Kūnmíng; take bus 3, 2…
Post in Kūnmíng

China Post

The main international office has poste restante and parcel service (per letter ¥3, ID required). It is also the city’s Express Mail Service (EMS) and Western Union agent. Another branch on Dongfeng Donglu.
Bank in Xīnjiē

Agricultural Bank of China

Has an ATM that sometimes takes foreign cards: don't rely on it. To find it, head down the stairs by the entrance to Yúntī Shùnjié Dàjiǔdiàn and walk on for a couple of minutes; it’s on the left-hand side.
Consulate in Kūnmíng

Lao Consulate

You can get a visa here but, as the consulate staff will tell you, it's easier to get one at the border or the airport when you arrive in Laos.
Police in Xiàguān

Public Security Bureau

Handles all visa extensions for Xiàguān and Dàlǐ. Take bus 8 from Dàlǐ and ask to get off at the Shi Ji Middle School (世纪中学; Shìjì Zhōngxué).
Bank in Xiàguān

Bank of China

Changes money and travellers cheques, and has an ATM that accepts all major credit cards.
Bank in Dàlǐ

Bank of China

Changes cash and travellers cheques, and has an ATM that accepts all major cards.
Internet in Jiànshuǐ

Internet Cafe

At the time of research, foreigners were not allowed to use this internet cafe.
Consulate in Kūnmíng

Vietnamese Consulate

Come here for a visa for Vietnam. They are not obtainable at the border.