Airport in Chengdu

Chéngdū Shuāngliú International Airport

You can fly directly to Chéngdū Shuāngliú International Airport, 18km west of the city, from nearly any other major Chinese city in less than three hours. There are also direct international flights from Amsterdam, …
Shuttle in Chengdu

Airport Shuttle Bus Drop Off

Five shuttle-bus routes cover all corners of the city. From the airport, route 2 stops at the South train station before heading north to the US consulate, Tiānfǔ Sq and the North train station. The ride from the ai…
Airline in Chengdu

Air China Chéngdū Booking Office

By Tongzilin metro station, exit D, on the north side of Hangkong Lu in the lobby of the Air China building. Accepts international credit cards.
Shuttle in Chengdu

Airport Shuttle Bus Pickup

Five shuttle-bus routes cover all corners of the city. Located to the north of Mínshān Hotel, across Yandao Jie (盐道街).
Tickets in Chengdu

North Train Station Ticket Office

Automated kiosks out the front only work with a Chinese ID card, so queue up inside for ticket purchases.
Bus Station in Chengdu

Zhāojuésì Bus Station

Useful primarily as a gateway to Sānxīngduī via Guǎnghàn (¥17, 40 minutes, half-hourly from 7am to 8pm).
Airline in Chengdu

Cathay Dragon

Rather than visiting in person, it's possible to book tickets (in English) by phone 24 hours.
Airline in Chengdu

China Southern Airlines

Near Tongzilin metro station, just south of Hangkong Lu.
Airline in Chengdu

China Eastern Airlines

Directly outside Tongzilin metro, exit B.
Dock in Le Shan

Lè Shān Dock