Hainan in Central Highlands

Shuǐmǎn Yìjiā

Steps from where the bus will let you off in Shuǐmǎn Town (look for the yellow sign), this is the best place in town for local food. Dishes to try include Shuǐmǎn yā (水满鸭; local Shuǐmǎn duck) and wǔjiǎo zhū (五脚猪; ‘f…
Noodles in Central Highlands

Zhèngzōng Lánzhōu Lāmiàn

This Hui Muslim restaurant sells a wide range of cheap but excellent noodle and lamb dishes. Try the gānbànmiàn (干伴面; ¥15), a kind of stir-fried spaghetti bolognese with hand-pulled noodles.