Cāng Shān attractions

Mountain in Cāng Shān

Zhōnghé Shān

Mountain range that overlooks Dàlí and offers great hiking.
Buddhist Temple in Cāng Shān

Gǎntōng Temple

Originally constructed in the Tang dynasty, this was once the most important temple in the Dàlǐ area. Only one of the original 36 halls is still standing, although sporadic reconstruction work on another continues. …
Buddhist Temple in Cāng Shān

Guānyīn Temple

A pilgrimage site for the local Bai people, who traditionally worship the female goddess Guanyin, this big and impressive temple dates back to the Ming dynasty, although it has been extensively restored since then
River in Cāng Shān

Qīngbì Stream

Mountain spring that gushes into three basins. The combination of the clear water and the stones in the basins give the water an attractive green-blue colour that delights local visitors.
Buddhist Temple in Cāng Shān

Zhōnghé Temple

Temple on the side of Zhōnghé Shān. At the temple, be careful of imposter monks passing out incense and then demanding ¥200 for a blessing.
Lake in Cāng Shān

Horse Washing Pond

Kubla Khan used this place as a base back in the late 13th century.