Sānlǐtún Village

Mall in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

This eye-catching collection of midsized malls is a shopping and architectural highlight of this part of the city. The Village (known officially as Taikooli; Tàigǔlǐ; 太古里) looms over what was once a seedy strip of dive bars and has transformed the area into a hot spot for locals and foreigners alike. There are two parts to the complex: South Village and North Village.

The South Village was completed a few years back and is home to Běijīng’s first Apple store, a number of midrange Western clothing stores, as well as cafes, restaurants and the multiplex cinema MegaBox. Nearby North Village is home to more high-end labels and local designer boutiques, and is set beside Běijīng’s fancy-pants boutique hotel Opposite House.