Cathay Bookshop

Books in Dashilar & Xicheng South

This is the larger of the two branches of the Cathay Bookshop on the south side of Liulichang Xijie and is worth checking out for its wide variety of colour books on Chinese painting, ceramics and furniture, as well as tomes on religion (most are in Chinese). Upstairs has more art books, stone rubbings and antiquarian books.

There’s another, smaller branch close by on Liulichang that sells art supplies, paper cuts and bookmarks, some of which feature photographs of the old Qing imperial household, including snapshots of Reginald Fleming Johnson (last emperor Puyi’s Scottish tutor), Puyi practising shadow boxing, eunuchs and Cixi dressed as Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin). Both stores take credit cards.