Beijing shopping

Top Choice Antiques in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Pānjiāyuán Market

Hands down the best place in Běijīng to shop for yìshù (arts), gōngyì (crafts) and gǔwán (antiques). Some stalls open every day, but the market is at its biggest and most lively on weekends, when you can find everyt…
Top Choice Jewellery in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Shard Box Store

Using porcelain fragments from Ming- and Qing-dynasty vases that were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, this fascinating family-run store creates beautiful and unique shard boxes, bottles and jewellery. The …
Top Choice Tea in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

Slow Lane

Secreted away down historic Shijia Hutong, this quietly seductive shop sells beautiful, handmade teaware and quality tea as well as elegant clothing, much of which is made from Tibetan yak wool. Teasets start from a…
Top Choice Clothing in Drum Tower & Dongcheng North

Plastered 8

British-owned, this iconic Nanluogu Xiang T-shirt shop prints ironic takes on Chinese culture onto its good-quality T-shirts and tops (from ¥168). As well as clothing, it stocks a range of playful gifts, like Běijīn…
Fashion & Accessories in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

Shèng Xī Fú Hat Store

They used to say that a truly dignified person would only wear shoes made by Nèiliánshēng, silk made by Ruìfúxiáng and hats made by Shèng Xī Fú. This is China's most famous hat producer. It was first established in …
Tea in Drum Tower & Dongcheng North

Famous Tea of China

This small tea shop is run by a friendly couple who speak almost no English but are as accommodating as they can be towards foreign tourists. Most of the tea is sold by weight; priced by the jīn (500g), but more com…
Shopping Street in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

Wangfujing Dajie

Prestigious, but these days rather old-fashioned, this part-pedestrianised shopping street not far from Tiān’ānmén Sq is generally known as Wángfǔjǐng. It boasts a strip of stores selling well-known, midrange brands…
Clothing in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Alien’s Street Market

Located just north of Rìtán Park – and part of Běijīng's 'Little Moscow' precinct – this market is packed with a huge variety of clothing, as well as heaps of accessories. You can find most things here and it’s popu…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Beihai Park & Xicheng North

Yandai Xiejie

If nearby Nanluogu Xiang is too hectic for you, you can find some of the same here, on a smaller scale. It's still busy at weekends, but more manageable.
Shoes in Dashilar & Xicheng South

Nèiliánshēng Shoe Shop

They say this is the oldest existing cloth-shoe shop in China (opened in 1853) and Mao Zedong and other luminaries had their footwear made here. You too can pick up ornately embroidered shoes, or the simply styled c…