Zuǒ Lín Yòu Shè

Beijing in Forbidden City & Dōngchéng Central

The local speciality at this tiny, no-frills Běijīng eatery is dālián huǒshāo (褡裢火烧), rectangular dumplings fried to order, and filled with multiple configurations of pork, lamb, beef and vegetables. They're served by the liǎng (两; 50g), with one liǎng equal to three dumplings; they prefer you to order at least two liǎng (二两; èr liǎng) per filling.

Other specialties include the fried mung-bean paste (麻豆腐; má dòufu) and the deep-fried pork balls (干炸丸子; gān zhá wánzi), while filling bowls of millet porridge (小米粥; xiǎo mǐ zhōu) are dished up for free. No English sign (look for the wooden signboard), but an English menu is available.