Wangfujing Snack Street

Street Food

in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

Thick with the funk of charred mutton, this food alley is a scrum of bodies and bins overflowing with discarded skewers, where tourists gorge on fried dumplings, squid-on-a-stick, candied hawthorn fruit and Peking duck 'wraps'. A decorative páilóu arch on Wangfujing St just south of WF Central marks the start of the alley.

The novelty 'scorpion on a stick' and fried-spider horrors can still be found here (and only here – these 'snacks' are purely for tourist photos and not actually eaten elsewhere in China).

Though it's been a fixture of Wangfujing for years, the writing is surely on the wall for this outdated attraction. The similar Donghuamen Night Market closed in 2016 to little outcry.