Taste of Dàdǒng

Beijing in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

This casual concept eatery from Běijīng‘s duck maestro Dong Zhenxiang (of famed sister restaurant, Dàdǒng Roast Duck) lets you enjoy a portion of his famous roast fowl without having to order the whole bird. It's a fantastic restaurant, even without the Peking duck, gorgeously designed and serving playful takes on local dishes that are surprisingly cheap for the quality (few cost over ¥80).

Dàdǒng can't resist a bit of theatre (a dusting of icing sugar on the sweet-and-sour ribs, candyfloss 'flowers'), but the basics, like the individual soups and stir-fries, are delectable. Don't miss his take on Běijīng's zhájiàng miàn (炸酱面), noodles akin to a perfect bowl of pasta whipped up by a Milanese grandma. This is the flagship, but more locations are popping up in food courts around town.