Little Yúnnán

Yunnan in Forbidden City & Dōngchéng Central

Run by young, friendly staff and housed in a cute courtyard conversion, Little Yúnnán is one of Běijīng's more down-to-earth Yúnnán restaurants. The main room has a rustic feel, with wooden beams, flooring and furniture. Dishes include classic southwest China ingredients, with tea-infused creations as well as river fish, mushrooms, fried goat's cheese and là ròu (腊肉; cured pork – south China's answer to bacon).

It also serves a variety of Yúnnán wines (rice, pine and plum), rice-wine-based cocktails and the province's local beer. The tables up in the eaves are fun, and there's also outdoor seating by the entrance, opposite a slender park that was once the Imperial city wall.