Jingzun Peking Duck

Top choice Peking Duck

in Sanlitun & Chaoyang
Image by bushton3 / Getty Images
Image by bushton3 / Getty Images

An unsung purveyor of Peking duck, Jingzun's bargain birds (¥138/79 for a whole/half) are every bite the equal of Beijing's more elite brands, unruly presentation aside. Lacquer-skinned and succulent, the ducks are roasted in a traditional guàlú (hung oven). For a few extra yuan it'll turn the carcass into an enormous duck soup (鸭汤, yā tāng) swimming with tofu and cabbage.

Supporting dishes, from Hunanese 'dry pot' cauliflower to Beijing's own jīngjiàng ròusī (京酱肉丝, shredded, saucy pork that you wrap in tofu sheets), are an absolute steal, and tasty to boot.

A half-decent wine selection attests to the neighbourhood expats who regularly avail themselves of the duck here.