Fú Dé Yù

Hotpot in Drum Tower & Dongcheng North

What it lacks in size, this longstanding shuàn ròu (literally 'scald the meat') joint on Ghost Street makes up for in authenticity. Battered copper cauldrons fired by hot coals take pride of place on the eight tables, as boisterous Beijingers scald strips of Inner Mongolian lamb (nèiménggǔ yángròu, 内蒙古羊肉), beef tripe (niú dǔ, 牛肚), mushrooms and veggies in the hot broth, before dunking in thick sesame paste and wolfing down.

Be sure to order a few pucks of shāobǐng (烧饼) bread, straight out the oven. Chinese menu only. Expect to queue on weekends.