Běijīng Dàdǒng Roast Duck Restaurant

Peking Duck in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

Image by Roksana Bashyrova 500px Images

Ultramodern Dàdǒng sells itself on being the only restaurant that serves Peking duck with all the flavour of the classic imperial dish, but less fat – the leanest roast duck in the capital. For some, it’s hideously overpriced and far from authentic. For others, it’s the best roast-duck restaurant in China.

There are nine branches in Běijīng, but this is one of the most memorable with its swish decor. Note, it's not the roast duck that will necessarily break the bank; it's the other dishes, delicious though they are. You'll pay ¥102, for example, for a medium portion of sautéed bean sprouts. Order wisely.