Bāozi Pù

Dumplings in Drum Tower & Dongcheng North

A local favourite, especially for breakfast, Bāozi Pù – literally 'dumplings shop' – has been on this corner for years. Steamed pork dumplings (包子; bāozi; ¥7 per basket) are the speciality; say 'sù bāozi' if you want vegetable ones (¥5). The boiled dumplings (蒸饺; zhēng jiǎo) are also good. Wash it down with a traditional soy milk drink (豆浆; dòu jiāng; ¥3).

At lunchtimes, try the knife-sliced pork noodles (刀削面; dāo xiāo miàn), the spicy dry mincemeat noodles (担担面; dàndàn miàn), or one of the many rice meals (盖饭; gài fàn). It's had a big makeover, offering a much wider menu to cater for the explosion of Chinese tourists coming to the area, and has consequently lost much of its charm, but the hand-cut noodles are still good.