Tiki Bungalow

Cocktail Bar in Drum Tower & Dongcheng North

From the fake palms and Exotica soundtrack to the carved totem poles and Polynesian knick-knacks, this is your quintessential tiki bar down to the finest detail. Now across the alley from its original location, the bar is wider, the drinks list longer, and prices slightly higher than before. However, they still mix the most extravagant rum-based cocktails in Běijīng. You can only enter from Jiaodaokou Bei Santiao, one hútòng to the south.

Based on vintage tiki recipes from the 1930s–60s, the cocktails are served in an array of novelty vessels, including coconut shells, flaming skulls and sharing 'volcanoes'. There's also a fascinating selection of obscure 'lost classics', some that date back to the 19th century. A selection of rum flights and Cuban cigars round out a raucous night.