NBeer Pub

Bar in Beihai Park & Xicheng North

In a scene dominated by North American expats, NBeer is an all-Chinese affair that produces some of Běijīng's best beers. It has a massive 37 ales on tap behind a bar made from Lonely Planet guidebooks! The majority are brewed on-site and include a variety of IPAs, pale ales, stouts and European-style ales. It also boasts the biggest fridge of beers in Běijīng.

The food is also good, including excellent cheeseburgers and enormous, juicy kebabs. Visit before 7pm for 30% discounts on all draft beers.

It's on the ground floor of a multifloor complex known as Xīntiāndì, at the western end of Huguosi Dajie. You can sometimes sit on the patio out the back in summer and spy Jīngāng Hall (金刚殿; Jīngāng Diàn), originally built in 1284 and the only surviving feature of Hùguó Temple, which this hútòng is named after.