Great Leap Brewing #6

Top choice brewery in Drum Tower & Dongcheng North

Běijīng's original microbrewery, this refreshingly simple courtyard bar, set up by American beer-enthusiast Carl Setzer, is housed in a hard-to-find, but beautifully renovated, 100-year-old Qing-dynasty courtyard and serves up a wonderful selection of unique ales made largely from locally sourced ingredients. Sip on familiar favourites such as pale ales, or sample China-inspired tipples like Honey Ma, brewed with lip-tingling Sìchuān peppercorns.

Food is limited to spicy peanuts (free, as is the bottled water), although local restaurants deliver direct to the yard – just ask at the bar. For more robust eats including excellent pizzas, seek out the larger GLB branch in Sānlǐtún. To get here, go south out of Shichahai subway station, left on to Mao'er Hutong, then left again on to Doujiao Hutong, and you'll soon wind you way to the bar. From Nanluogu Xiang, head west along Jingyang Hutong (景阳胡同), bearing right, then left, then right again before turning left on to Doujiao Hutong.