Post in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

China Post

Letters and parcels marked ‘Poste Restante, Běijīng Main Post Office’ will arrive at the International Post Office, 200m north of Jianguomen Station. Outsized parcels going overseas should be sent from here (parcels…
Medical in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic

Well-trusted dental and medical clinic with English-speaking staff. Includes obstetric and gynaecological services and facilities for ultrasonic scanning. Immunisations can also be performed. Prices are more reasona…
Hospital in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Běijīng United Family Hospital

Private hospital run to the highest international standards, with prices to match. Can provide alternative medical treatments, along with a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient care. There is a critical c…
Medical in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Bayley & Jackson Medical Center

Full range of medical and dental services; attractively located in a courtyard next to Rìtán Park. Dental check up ¥456; medical consultation ¥500.
Medical in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

International SOS

Offering 24-hour emergency medical care, with a high-quality clinic with English-speaking staff. Dental check up ¥620; medical consultation ¥1320.
Embassy in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Indian Embassy

Visa applications are handled are handled nearby at the India Visa Application Centre.
Bank in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Western Union

Inside the Bank of China. Come here to transfer or receive money. Many other branches around Běijīng.
Courier in Sanlitun & Chaoyang


This branch, beside Běijīng’s 798 Art District, is one of eight, most on the outskirts of town.
Embassy in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Mongolian Embassy

There is a separate visa section.
Post in Sanlitun & Chaoyang


Within the Jianwai SOHO building, this the most central of DHL offices.