• Shard Box Store Utterly unique exquisite shard boxes in all sizes.
  • Ruìfúxiáng Purveyors of all kinds of silk in every conceivable pattern.
  • Plastered 8 Ironic T-shirts with Běijīng-centric themes.
  • Pottery Workshop Beautiful, handmade ceramics from a collective of young artists.




Shopping Streets

  • Wangfujing Dajie The capital's most prestigious shopping street.
  • Liulichang Xijie Antiques, calligraphy and Chinese-ink and scroll paintings.
  • Dashilar Home to some of the capital's oldest stores.
  • Nanluogu Xiang Crazy at weekends, but fine for souvenir hunting.
  • Qianmen Dajie Increasingly busy, refurbished street with midrange brands and some silk.
  • Yandai Xiejie Souvenirs and fake antiques, as well as a few more quirky outlets, but fun browsing.



  • Silk Market The silk is one of the few genuine items on sale at this Běijīng institution.
  • Sānlǐtún Village Eye-catching mall with both midrange and high-end brands.
  • 3.3 Shopping Centre Trendy boutiques and accessories for the style-conscious.
  • Sanlipop Hipster boutique with hard-to-find brands.