By Budget


  • Zhāng Māma Superpopular Sìchuān restaurant and excellent value.
  • Bocata Fine sandwiches and salads and fantastic chips at this popular lunch spot.
  • Bāozi Pù Come to this long-standing place for dumplings and noodles.
  • Yàn Lán Lóu Great hand-pulled noodles at this landmark Muslim restaurant.



  • Duck de Chine Stand-out Peking duck in an artfully designed space.
  • Temple Restaurant Fantastic setting, flawless food and service.
  • Lost Heaven Top-notch Yúnnán dishes in the delightful surroundings of the former legation quarter.
  • Capital M Relaxed but upmarket restaurant specialising in Mediterranean classics.

By Cuisine

Best Peking Duck

Best Dumplings

Best Hotpot

Best Regional

Best Noodles

Best Běijīng

  • Yáojì Chǎogān Come here for zhájiàng miàn, the capital's signature noodle dish.
  • Bàodǔ Huáng True local's joint for those brave enough to eat like a real Beijinger.
  • Zuǒ Lín Yòu Shè No frills, but real-deal Běijīng eats.
  • Hóng Lú Běijīng specialities in a fresh and clean environment.
  • Xiǎodiàolítāng Dishes inspired by the cuisine of the Mandarins of the Qing dynasty.

Best Foreign

  • Taco Bar Mexican street-style food and great for brunch too.
  • Mosto Justly popular and stylish Mediterranean-themed restaurant.
  • O'Steak Succulent steaks served French-style.
  • Georg Fine dining with a Scandinavian twist.

Best Asian

  • Purple Isle Hip Thai restaurant that doesn't hold back on the spices.
  • Desert Rose The best kebabs in the city and a genuine Central Asian feel.
  • Café Sambal Cute and cool courtyard restaurant serving Malaysian favourites.
  • 4Corners Vietnamese and Southeast Asian fusion food in a hútòng setting.
  • Khan Baba Fine Pakistani and Indian food and a generous lunchtime buffet deal.

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