Workers' Stadium

Spectator Sport in Sanlitun & Chaoyang

Built in 1959, Běijīng's main soccer stadium is home to Běijīng Guó’ān (, the capital's sole football (soccer) team. Although it lacks the cash and star names of Guǎngzhōu Evergrande and Shànghǎi Shēnhuā, it is still one of China's most successful teams. It has a passionate fan base and draws large crowds for its home games. It also hosts concerts by touring big-name bands.

Look for the socialist-realist sporting statues that surround the stadium.

It’s not unusual for over 30,000 spectators to attend big games. Going to see one before hitting the bars and clubs in the area makes a fun night out for footy fans. The season runs from March until November. Match days can be Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday; kick-offs are usually 7.30pm. Tickets are sold online through Chinese-language websites, or over the phone (Chinese only), but sell out very quickly through these official channels. Many people opt to just go to the stadium an hour or so before kick-off and buy tickets off ticket touts, who charge at least double or triple the face value of the ticket. This can run to around ¥100 to ¥150 per ticket.