Summer Palace & Haidian entertainment

Classical Music in Summer Palace & Haidian

National Library Arts Centre

Newly refurbished, this impressive venue doesn't just put on recitals and concerts (many by overseas musicians); it’s also a good place to catch Chinese classical dance, which blends martial-arts styles with traditi…
Live Music in Summer Palace & Haidian

13 Club

A dark and forbidding venue down a suitably grimy alley. A lot of metal acts play here, so if you’re a fan of guitar solos and making the sign of the horns, this is the place for you. Look for the red sign.
Cinema in Summer Palace & Haidian

UME International Cineplex

Posh multiplex that shows the latest Western movie releases (the ones that pass muster with the Chinese censors), but check they haven't been dubbed into Chinese.