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You can shoose to watch Peking Opera, Kungfu Show, Acrobatic Show Or Gold Mask Dynasty Show in advance. Hotel pick-up and drop-off service.
Visit: ChinaSeeing Tours, BeijingPick you up from your hotel at 6:30pm, which may be adjusted according to your show time and hotel location.Our tour guide will get you a show ticket.You can choose to watch Peking Opera, Kungfu Show, Acrobatic Show or Gold Mask Dynasty Show in advance.After the show, our driver will transfer you back to your hotel.Show detailBeijing Opera at Liyuan Theatre  19:30-20:40Kongfu Show at Red Theatre  19:30-20:45Acrobatic at Tiandi Theatre  17:15-18:20   19:15-20:20Gold Dynasty Show at Huaqiaocheng Theatre  17:30-18:30  19:30-20:30Acrobatic ShowAcrobatics is an interactive art form. Whether you are old or young, educated or illiterate, you can appreciate it as long as you can see. There is no language barrier and cultural border. The history of acrobatics in China can be traced back to Neolithic times. It is believed that acrobatics grew out of the labor and self-defense skills that the people practiced and demonstrated during their leisure time.Peking OperaPeking opera of China is a national treasure with a history of 200 years. In the 55th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty(1790) ,the four big Huiban opera Troupes entered the capital and combined with Kunqu opera, Yiyang opera, Hanju opera and Luantan in Beijing’s thearetical circle of the time. Through a period of more than half a century of combination and integration of various kinds of opera there evolved the present Peking opera, the biggest kind of opera in China, whose richness of repertoire, great number of artists of performance and of audiences, and profound influence are incomparable in China.Beijing golden Dynasty show a total investment of 200000000 yuan, both in the form, content, size, industry, each respect such as mode can be called " the capital of a show".Kungfu ShowAnyone who has seen classical Chinese Kung Fu movies will be deeply impressed by the Chinese Wushu, which is called Kung Fu or Chinese martial arts in the west.Wushu (also known as kung-fu or martial arts) is one of the typical demonstrations of traditional Chinese culture. It is a sport which utilizes both brawn and brain.Gold Mask Dynasty ShowGolden Mask Dynasty is a large-scale Chinese musical drama showed at OCT Theater in Beijing Happy Valley. It is a fairy tale about wars, royalty and romance. A queen, who wears a golden mask, creates a splendid dynasty. In the years of wars, Golden Mask Dynasty defeat Blue Mask Dynasty. However, the queen declares a total amnesty. The king of Blue Mask Dynasty is moved by her mercy and trust. Soon, they fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, there comes catastrophic natural disaster. The queen scarifies herself to save the people.

What’s included

  • Private air-conditioned car and driver
  • Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel in Beijing downtown.
  • Private English-speaking tour guide.

What’s not included

  • Gratuities