Overseas Town Restaurant

Top choice seafood in Běihǎi

Take your pick from the seething tanks of aquatic life at the entrance and tell staff how you'd like it cooked; prices per jīn are all displayed on the glass. The pan-fried squid (香煎小鱿鱼; xiāngjiān xiǎoyóuyú) is exceptional, at ¥50 per jīn. There are also lion crabs (¥60 per jīn) and all manner of fish. Zero English, so hone your pointing skills.

If taking bus 5 to Qiaogang Market, walk along Qiaoxing Lu (侨兴路) right by where you disembark the bus and then turn right into Hongmian Lu. From Binhai Lu (滨海路), go west and turn left into Qiaobei Lu (侨北路). Walk to the end, turn right into Qiaoxing Lu (侨兴路), then left into Hongmian Lu.