Top Choice Seafood in Běihǎi

Overseas Town Restaurant

Take your pick from the seething tanks of aquatic life at the entrance and tell staff how you'd like it cooked; prices per jīn are all displayed on the glass. The pan-fried squid (香煎小鱿鱼; xiāngjiān xiǎoyóuyú) is exce…
Cafe in Běihǎi

Old Town Coffee, Bar & Restaurant

This charming and very efficiently staffed cafe, with distressed exposed brickwork and great coffees, has a ground floor that's open all day; the upper floors morph into a bar in the evenings, where singers croon ni…
Guangxi in Běihǎi

Aunty Li's Shrimp Pancakes

Dried shrimp pancakes (虾饼; xiābǐng) are a delicacy here and nobody does them better than this hawker stall opposite Běihǎi Christ Church.
Vietnamese in Běihǎi

Kieu Viet Vietnam Banh Cuon

Piping hot, Vietnamese-style steamed rice rolls (粉卷; fĕnjuăn) made fresh.