Beihai attractions

Historic Building in Beihai

Former German Consulate Building

Across the street from the Former British Consulate Building, next to Yínruì Hotel (银瑞大酒店), is this charming two-storey yellow structure built in 1905. At the time of writing some bad driving had partially destroyed…
Historic Building in Beihai

Former British Consulate Building

Běihǎi's first consulate of a Western country is a whitewashed edifice built in 1885 that now sits inside the grounds of the Beihai No 1 Middle School. The building faces you as you stand in front of the school; the…
Beach in Beihai

Silver Beach

This 24km-long stretch of silvery-yellow sand with apparently clean water, about 8km south of the city centre, is an enjoyable spot. It's not as amazing and unparalleled as Chinese folklore attests, however. Take bu…
Historic Building in Beihai

Maruichi Drugstore

This historic building was disguised as a pharmacy that allowed the Japanese to pursue espionage activities in the 1930s. Today, it serves as a tiny national security museum. No English captions.
Historic Building in Beihai

Former Post Office

Dating from 1896, this attractive edifice now serves as a tiny museum devoted to relics of the Qing-dynasty postal system. No English captions, nor photos allowed indoors.