Baoshan Region attractions

Mountain in Tengchong County

Yúnfēng Shān

A Taoist mountain dotted with 17th-century temples and monastic retreats, Yúnfēng Shān is 47km north of Téngchōng. It’s possible to take a cable car, close to the top from where it’s a 20-minute walk to Dàxióng Bǎod…
Waterfall in Tengchong

Diéshuǐ Waterfall

In the western suburbs of town, beside the Xiānlè Temple, this is a good place for a picnic. The area makes a nice destination for a bike ride and you could easily combine it with a trip to Héshùn (和顺), a picturesqu…
Park in Tengchong

Láifēng Shān National Forest Park

On the western edge of town, walk through lush pine forests of this park to Láifēng Temple or make the sweaty hike up to the summit, where a pagoda offers fine views.
Buddhist Temple in Tengchong

Láifēng Temple

Buddhist temple surrounded by lush pine forest.
Buddhist Temple in Tengchong

Xiānle Tèmple

Buddhist temple in the west of town.
Market in Tengchong

Large Produce Market

The larger of the two produce markets in the centre of town.
Market in Tengchong

Small Produce Market

Local market that's always busy in the mornings.
Market in Tengchong

Jade Market

Market dedicated to the booming jade trade.