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Xingyi's Wanfenglin Airport has flights to destinations in western China, including Chengdu, Kunming and Guiyang.


The bus from Anshun to Xingyi crosses the spectacular Malinghe Bridge Shankun, which, at 241m, is one of the highest bridges in the world. The views from the bridge, down the Maling River Canyon, are breathtaking.

Hourly buses (¥109, four hours, 8am to 5pm) leave from Xingyi's west bus station to Anshun. Other departures:

Kunming ¥128, four hours, four daily (8.30am, 11am, 2pm and 4.30pm)

Liupanshui ¥120, four hours, three daily (8.30am, 10.30am and 2pm)

Nanning ¥150, eight hours, one daily (9.30am)


Xingyi lies on the Nanning to Kunming rail line. The train station is northeast of the city centre and has departures to the following destinations (prices are for a hard seat ticket):

Kunming ¥51.50 to ¥53.50, six hours, five daily (1.54am, 3.50am, 4.11am, 5.08am and 2.53pm)

Nanning ¥69, six to eight hours, five daily (2.29am, 1.01pm, 2.20pm, 4.39pm, 10.46pm)