Anshun attractions

Waterfall in Anshun

Huángguǒshù Falls

Hugely popular among domestic travellers for good reason, Huángguǒshù Falls are one of many cascades gushing around a pristine national park where sublime walking trails lead to stunning views. The 77.8m-tall, 81m-w…
Cave in Anshun

Zhījīn Cave

This monstrously long (10km) cave is the biggest in the country – a visit will satisfy everyone from hardcore spelunkers to wide-eyed tourists with a penchant for subterranean beauty. Pockets open up to 150m high to…
Mountain in Tianlong & Tiantaishan


This forested mountain (1138m) has the astonishing temple of Wǔlóng Sì (伍龙寺) at its summit. A refreshing hike through the trees takes you to the summit, where you can explore the various rooms of the temple. In a ha…
Cave in Anshun

Lónggōng Cave

Even though the feeling is overwhelmingly tacky – think coloured lights, awkward commentary and boats full of tourists – there is something sublime about the water-borne cave expedition winding through 20 hills. The…
Buddhist Temple in Anshun

Lóngwáng Miào

A working Buddhist temple, just off Zhonghua Beilu.
Buddhist Temple in Tianlong & Tiantaishan

Wǔlóng Sì

The astonishing temple of Wǔlóng Sì emerges surreally from the summit of Tiāntaíshān like something out of a fairy tale. (If it's closed, ask the guard kindly and the doors will likely be opened for you.) In a hall …
Confucian Temple in Anshun

Fǔwén Miào

Check out this charming Confucian temple in the north of town. It has some stunningly intricate cloud-scrolling carvings on the twin stone pillars before the main hall.
Buddhist Temple in Anshun

Dōnglín Temple

The resident Buddhist monks welcome visitors warmly to this temple, which was built in AD 1405 (during the Ming dynasty) and restored in 1668.
Museum in Anshun

Túnpǔ Culture Museum

Has exhibits relating to the history of the Túnpǔ settlements in the area, and is the required entry point to the Yúnfēng Bāzhài villages. To get here, take a bus (¥5, 40 minutes, every 25 minutes, 7am to 6pm) from …
Historic Site in Anshun

Ānshūn City Walls

A modest chunk of the former Ānshūn city wall stands opposite the Fènghuángshān Dàjiǔdiàn hotel on Tashan Donglu, where a revealing photo on the wall depicts Ānshūn during Republican days – before the advent of conc…