Lǎo Jiē Yīlóu Shíyè

Top choice Huizhou

in Tunxi

Considered the best restaurant on Old St, this is the place to splash out on Huizhou delicacies, like tiánluó (田螺, pond snails), here braised in a plate-licking concoction of soy sauce and spices. Also excellent is the Huizhou wēisānbǎo (徽州煨三宝), a stew of 'three treasures' – salt-cured pork, thin skins of tofu tied in decorative knots, and puffs of fried tofu stuffed with meat.

Other dishes on the picture menu include fermented Mandarin fish (臭鳜鱼), Huizhou Stir fry rice (徽州炒饭) and stir fry bamboo shoots (徽州炒笋).