Bus in Tunxi

Huángshān Tourist Distribution Center

Inside the bus station (to the right as you enter) is the separate Huángshān Tourist Distribution Center with special tourist buses to popular destinations. Return buses operate hourly from 8am to 4pm, with a break …
Cable Car in Huangshan

Cloud Valley Cable Car

Runs from Cloud Valley Temple (云谷寺; Yúngǔ Sì) to White Goose Ridge (白鹅嶺; Bái'élǐng) in 15 minutes, bypassing the eastern steps. Beware the long queues: it's best to arrive very early or late (if you're staying on th…
Cable Car in Huangshan

Jade Screen Cable Car

Runs from Merciful Light Pavilion (慈光阁; Cíguāng Gé) to Jade Screen Tower (玉屏楼; Yùpínglóu), just below the Yùpínglóu Hotel, bypassing the western steps.
Bus Station in Huangshan

Tourist Distribution Center

The main bus depot for both long-distance buses to and from Tāngkǒu and tourist buses around Huángshān; located 2km south of Tāngkǒu Town, in the tourist village.
Cable Car in Huangshan

West Sea Canyon Funicular

This new cable car runs through the West Sea Canyon, meaning you can hike along the canyon trail from the summit and then get a ride back up to Tiānhǎi (天海).
Bus Station in Hefei

East Bus Station

Buses to Túnxī (¥98, four hours, 7.50am, 10.10am, 1pm and 3.20pm) via Huángshān (¥98, 3½ hours) leave from the east bus station, 5km east of the city centre.
Bus Station in Hefei

Tourist Bus Station

Buses to Jiǔhuá Shān (¥88, 3½ hours, every 40 minutes, 6.40am to 5pm) leave from the tourist bus station, 500m west of the train station.
Train Station in Hefei

Héféi South Station

Most (but double-check your ticket) high-speed trains depart from the new Héféi South station, 6km southeast of the city centre.
Bus Station in Hefei

Héféi Long-Distance Bus Station

The Héféi long-distance bus station has buses to numerous destinations in the surrounding provinces.
Airport in Hefei

Héféi Xīnqiáo International Airport

Héféi's new airport is 32km northwest of town. A taxi to the city centre should cost ¥100 to ¥120.