Bank in Jiǔhuá Shān

Bank of China

Foreign exchange and 24-hour international ATM. West of the main square, halfway up Huacheng Lu.
Bank in Huángshān

Bank of China

Changes money and has an ATM that accepts international cards. Opposite Běihǎi Hotel.
Bank in Héféi

Bank of China

Branches on Wuwei Lu and Shouchun Lu, with currency exchange and international ATMs.
Bank in Shèxiàn

Bank of China

ATM and currency exchange; across from the entrance to Old Town.
Bank in Túnxī

Bank of China

Changes travellers cheques and major currencies; 24-hour ATM.
Ticket Office in Túnxī

Huángshān Air Travel Agency

You can buy air tickets at the Huángshān Air Travel Agency.
Hospital in Jiǔhuá Shān

Jiǔhuáshān Red Cross Hospital

Seven hundred metres up Furong Lu from the town entrance.
Post in Héféi

China Post

There’s also a branch beside the train station.
Medical in Huángshān

Huángshān Scenic Area Emergency Medical Center

On the east side of the river in Tāngkǒu Town.
Police in Túnxī

Public Security Bureau

For visa extensions and police assistance.