Viña Del Mar restaurants

Top Choice Chilean in Viña Del Mar


Don't let the simple storefront fool you: the plates here are works of art, the ingredients are fresh, the wine list is intriguing and the service is sublime. From the herb-filled butters and breads you get when you…
Italian in Viña Del Mar


One of the best-value eateries in central Viña, Panzoni's well-prepared Italian pastas and friendly service reel in the lunchtime diners. The location is slightly hidden on an out-of-the-way passageway.
Italian in Viña Del Mar

Divino Pecado

The menu at this intimate, candlelit Italian restaurant includes scallops au gratin, artichoke lasagna and lamb-filled cappelletti – a divine sin indeed.
Sandwiches in Viña Del Mar


For half a century the old boys have been meeting at this confitería (tearoom) for lunchtime feasts of steak and fries or well-stuffed sandwiches. The outdoor seating is greatly preferable to the interior, which is …
Sandwiches in Viña Del Mar

Portal Álamos

The Portal Álamos, a downtown shopping arcade, has a string of samey schop-and-sandwich joints that fill the open-fronted 2nd floor.