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This tiny restaurant run by a Diaguita couple offers up Elqui Valley's most innovative dining. Local ingredients, like quinoa, goat and amaranth, are prepared with a twist, and doused in fragrant Andean herbs.
Brewery in Vicuña

Cervecería Guayacan

You won't get far in the Elqui valley without someone offering you a Guayacan, and if you're even vaguely interested in beer, you should accept. This little craft brewery's reputation is growing fast and brief tours…
Distillery in Vicuña

Pisquera Aba

This family-run boutique pisquera, in operation since 1921, offers quite a different view of pisco production to the mass-production setup down the road at Capel. The 40-minute tours take you through all the aspects…
Museum in Vicuña

Museo Gabriela Mistral

The town's landmark Museo Gabriela Mistral, between Riquelme and Baquedano, is a tangible eulogy to one of Chile's most famous literary figures. Gabriela Mistral was born Lucila Godoy Alcayaga in 1889 in Vicuña. The…
Distillery in Vicuña

Planta Pisco Capel

A 20-minute walk from town, here you can take a 45-minute bilingual tour of the facilities, which includes an on-site museum and a few skimpy samples (CH$10,000 gets you the premium tour, with top-shelf tastings). C…
Chilean in Vicuña

Donde Martita Solar Kitchen

Don't miss lunch at this restaurant 5km out of town, where back in 2000 a group of women discovered a groundbreaking way to cook with sun rays instead of hard-to-find firewood. At this best of Villaseca's solar kitc…
Chilean in Vicuña


A spacious colonial-style restaurant with a thatched ceiling over the patio, a couple of interior dining rooms and scattered handicrafts. This locals' favorite is recommended for typical Chilean food, including roas…
Chilean in Vicuña


This is your best bet for late night eats – otherwise problematic in sleepy Vicuña. Service is warm, the wine list is impressive and there's a good range of hot and cold tablas (platters) along with sandwiches and a…
Chilean in Vicuña

Paraiso del Elqui

Opened by a professional chef, this cozy spot with a backyard, two small dining rooms and tables on the patio serves up regional specialties, no less than 319 kinds of empanadas and good-value almuerzos. Vegetarian …
Observatory in Vicuña

Inti Runa

The German owner of this sun observatory claims he has two of the world's biggest solar telescopes. He keeps them in his lovely casona, and offers one-hour 'tours.' Basically, he talks while you look at the sun thro…