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Getting There & Away

From Vicuña, eastbound Ruta 41 leads over the Andes to Argentina. A rugged, dusty and bumpy (though passable in a regular car) secondary road leads south to Hurtado and back down to Ovalle.

The bus terminal has frequent buses to La Serena (CH$2000, one hour), Coquimbo (CH$2000, 1¼ hours), Pisco Elqui (CH$2000, 50 minutes) and Montegrande (CH$2000, 40 minutes). Expresso Norte has a twice-daily service at 11:45am and 9:45pm to Santiago (CH$12,000 to CH$18,000, seven hours). There's a wider choice of destinations in La Serena.

Located inside the bus-terminal complex is the Terminal de Taxis Colectivos, which has fast taxi colectivos that run to La Serena (CH$2500, 50 minutes).