Getting Around

Walking is the best way to get about central Valparaíso and explore its cerros – you can cheat on the way up by taking an ascensor or a taxi colectivo (CH$500). Colectivos to Cerros Concepción and Alegre line up at the bottom of Almirante Montt, while those to Cerros La Cárcel and Bellavista leave from Av Ecuador.

Countless local buses operated by TMV run along Condell and Av Pedro Montt, Av Brasil and Yungay, connecting one end of El Plan with the other. A few climb different cerros and continue to Viña or along the northern coast; destinations are displayed in the windshield. The city's most famous line is the 802, which uses the oldest working trolleybuses in the world. The curvy cars date back to 1947 and have been declared a national monument.

Metro Valparaíso operates commuter trains every six to 12 minutes from Valparaíso's Estación Puerto and Estación Bellavista to Viña del Mar (CH$450 to CH$500, depending on the hour of departure).

Taxis are much more expensive in Valparaíso than other Chilean cities.

If you're willing to brave the hills on a bike, you'll see a few outfitters around town renting bicycles (generally CH$6000 per half-day).