Top Five Valpo Views

  • Paseo 21 de Mayo on Cerro Artillería to survey the cranes and containers of the port.
  • Plaza Bismark on Cerro Cárcel for a panoramic take of the bay.
  • Mirador Diego Portales on Cerro Barón for a sweeping perspective of Valpo's colorful house-cluttered central views.
  • The viewpoint at the end of Calle Merlet on Cerro Cordillera to see the rusting roofs of Barrio El Puerto and the civic buildings of Plaza Sotomayor from above.
  • Paseo Atkinson on Cerro Concepción for views of typical Valpo houses during the day, and a twinkling sea of lights on the hills at night.

Valparaíso's Murals

Wandering up and down the winding hills of Valparaíso, you'll see colorful public art everywhere, from dreamlike wall paintings of glamorous women to political graffiti-style murals splashed across garage doors. Top spots to view street art are Cerros Concepción, Alegre and Bellavista, including the unmissable Pasaje Galvez. Explore this area with Valpo Street Art Tours to gain a better appreciation for the art and artists.

Cerro Polanco was 'bombed' by graffiti artists from across Latin America at the First Latin American Graffiti-Mural Festival, with 80-plus murals going up in just a few days. The neighborhood is great for wandering by day, but avoid it at night as tourists regularly report pickpockets in the area.

As you cruise the streets, keep your eyes peeled for Chilean artist Inti. His large-scale mural, painted across the surface of several neighboring buildings and visible from Cerro Concepción, was unveiled in early 2012. The vibrant sideways image shows a mysterious, partially fragmented figure draped with exotic jewelry.

Cerros Concepción & Alegre

These steep cobbled streets are lined by traditional 19th-century houses with painted corrugated-iron facades that form a vivid patchwork of colors. Some of the city's best cafes and restaurants can be found here (though not clubs, as late-night music is banned).

Cerro Bellavista

Artists and writers have long favored this quiet residential hill. It's home to a few good restaurants and cafes worth checking out.

Cerro Artillería

Clear views out over the sea made this southwestern hill a strategic defense spot, hence the name. It lacks the great murals of other cerros, but there's a nice cluster of crafts shops on top, making this more of a journey for your second or third day.

El Plan & El Puerto

Valparaíso's flat commercial zone isn't as atmospheric as the hills that rise above it, but it contains a fair few monuments.