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Top Choice Historic Building in Valparaíso

La Sebastiana

Bellavista's most famous resident artist was Pablo Neruda, who made a point of watching Valparaíso's annual New Year's fireworks from his house at the top of the hill, La Sebastiana. Because it's first-come, first-s…
Top Choice Chilean in Valparaíso

Café Vinilo

Vying for Valparaíso's top spot, this eclectic resto-bar is studied, quirky, esoteric and sublime. The dinner plates feature fresh salmon, albacore and other local catches with inventive presentations and delicious …
Top Choice Cafe in Valparaíso

Viá Viá Café

Set below a precipitous stairway and looming three-story mural, this garden cafe brims with creativity and serendipitous energy. There's occasional live music, simple dining options, and a good mix of Belgian beers …
Club in Viña Del Mar

Café Journal

Electronic music is the order of the evening at this boomingly popular club, which has three heaving dance floors
Park in Viña Del Mar

Jardín Botánico Nacional

There are over 3000 plant species in the 61 hectares of parkland that comprise Chile's Jardín Botánico Nacional. It's 8km southeast of the city center; take a taxi or catch bus 203 from Viña along Calle Alvarez to P…
Museum in Viña Del Mar

Museo de Arqueología e Historia Francisco Fonck

The original moai (Easter Island statues) standing guard outside the Museo de Arqueología e Historia Francisco Fonck are just a teaser of the beautifully displayed archaeological finds from Easter Island within, alo…
Museum in Viña Del Mar

Museo Palacio Rioja

The Museo Palacio Rioja is an elegant century-old mansion with lovely gardens, now a municipal museum. It also hosts movies and musical performances.
Cafe in Valparaíso

Color Café

On Cerro Concepción, this bright, cozy place prepares delicious vegetarian food, coffee, many different types of tea and lovely hot chocolate, all served in literary, arty surrounds.
French in Valparaíso

Le Filou de Montpellier

The three-course lunches at this cluttered bistro are worth staying on an extra day for – rabbit stew, beef bourguignon and sauce-laced fish are mainstays, but always, always leave room for whatever chocolate-based …
Chilean in Valparaíso

Nuevo Restaurant O'Higgins

Highly recommended by Valparaíso regulars. You too could fall for the charms of the pork ribs coated in white wine sauce, as well as the busy traditional ambience.