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Rio Cruces' Wetlands Kayaking & Boating

This a great full day tour that combines sailing, kayaking, birdwatching & historical sightseeing:Itinerary:From Valdivia, we take you on a scening drive towards Pelchuquin villageThe first wetlands from Rio CrucesThe colonial castle of San Luis de Alba de CrucesA visit to Chunimpa Farm, where old wooden coins where handcraftedA visit to San Martin Farm, where an ancient forest is well kept around the wetlandsA visit to San Martin island, where a large colony of black swans is locatedThe submerged forest, the ruins from the large earthquake in 1960Cudico and Nanihue Rivers towards La Punta This day ends with a Mapuche gastronomy experience
8 hours
Kid Friendly

Oncol Park, Tambillo River and Rio Cruces Sanctuary

- Parque Oncol’s lookout points. A magical place protected by ancient forests.- Valdivian Deep Forests atop the Cordillera de la Costa (coastal mountain range)- The Quitaqui flats with stunning views towards the Andean volcanoes- The Quitaqui valleys and San Pedro where pumas inhabit alongside the rare Darwin’s fox.- Tambillo Pampa, the best natural lookout point overlooking the wetlands and everglades of Rio Cruces.- A visit to a rural house owned that can only be accessed by boat.- Sailing on the submerged forests (devastated by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded)- Tres Bocas or three forks, where the wetlands meet a paradise for most birds and fauna alike.- Totorales, home to black swan colonies.
10 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Punucapa and surroundings on a kayak

- Isla Teja and Santa Rosa estuary- Kayaking along the Brazo de la Culebra (the serpent’s arm)- Bocas (three forks at the river ways), heart of the Rio Cruce’s nature sanctuary.- Black necked swans, herons and sea lions through the totora’s passageways and labyrinths (a subspecies of the giant bulrush sedge- Isla Huapi Chica: a picturesque (but forgotten) location- Kayaking at the San Ramón estuary by the Cerro Oncol shores- El Potrero bridge, a perfect lookout for birdwatching.- Trout farm at El Potrero.
7 hours