Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in San Pedro de Atacama

Museo Gustavo Le Paige

Even if museums aren't your thing, make an exception for San Pedro's superb Museo Gustavo Le Paige. The Atacama is nirvana for archaeologists because of its nearly rainless environment, which preserves artifacts for…
Top Choice Steak in Puerto Montt


This quincho (barbecue hut) steakhouse has a long-standing reputation for its meticulous grillmen who honor the meat with Picasso-level focus. Julio, who has been manning the open hearth here through various changes…
Top Choice Historic Building in Valparaíso

La Sebastiana

Bellavista's most famous resident artist was Pablo Neruda, who made a point of watching Valparaíso's annual New Year's fireworks from his house at the top of the hill, La Sebastiana. Because it's first-come, first-s…
Top Choice Area in Southwest Circuit

Rano Kau & Orongo Ceremonial Village

Nearly covered in a bog of floating totora reeds, this crater lake resembles a giant witch's cauldron – awesome! Perched 400m above, on the edge of the crater wall on one side and abutting a vertical drop plunging d…
Top Choice Museum in Santiago

Museo de la Moda

This slick, privately operated fashion museum comprises a vast and exquisite permanent collection of Western clothing – 20th-century designers are particularly well-represented.
Top Choice Microbrewery in Osorno

Cervecería Artesenal Armin Schmid

If you're within 100km of Osorno and a beer lover, you'll want to readjust your itinerary to visit this improvised temple of suds, the South's most interesting craft brewery, located 12km outside of Osorno on Ruta 2…
Top Choice Historic Building in Santiago

La Chascona

When poet Pablo Neruda needed a secret hideaway to spend time with his mistress Matilde Urrutia, he built La Chascona (loosely translated as 'messy hair'), the name inspired by her unruly curls. Neruda, of course, w…
Top Choice Brewery in Valdivia

Cervecería Kunstmann

On Isla Teja at Km5 on the road to Niebla, you'll find the south's best large-scale brewery. Tours leave hourly from noon to 11pm (CH$10,000; November to March) and include a takeaway glass mug and a 300ml sampling …
Top Choice Chilean in Quemchi

El Chejo

A family-run treasure. El Chejo is no gourmet restaurant, it offers honest food prepared with love by a family that fawns over its patrons. There's no menu – you get what's good that day.
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Northeast Circuit

Rano Raraku

Known as 'the nursery,' the volcano of Rano Raraku, about 18km from Hanga Roa, is the quarry for the hard tuff from which the moai were cut. You'll feel as though you're stepping back into early Polynesian times, wa…