Cruise in Puerto Montt


Navimag's ferry Evangelista, which sails on Friday from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and back on Friday (with boarding Thursday evening), is a stunning three-night journey through Chile's fjords; book passage at N…
Ferry in The Lakes District

Trans Mar Chilay

The most popular route for travelers is the 30-minute ferry between Pargua, on the mainland 62km southwest of Puerto Montt, and Chacao, a small town of little interest at the northeast corner of Isla Grande de Chilo…
Bus in Puerto Montt

Andrés Tour

Offers shuttles to Aeropuerto El Tepual, 16km west of town, from the bus terminal (CH$2500). Catch the bus two hours before your flight's departure. Also offer door-to-door shared van services to the airport (CH$500…
Cruise in Puerto Montt

Cruceros Skorpios

A legitimate cruise that calls itself 'semi-elegant.' Its most popular trip sails the MV Skorpios II (departing from Chinquihue) to Laguna San Rafael with departures on Saturday from Puerto Montt from September to A…
Ferry in Puerto Montt

Naviera Austral

Naviera Austral sails the Jacaf Monday, Thursday and Friday from Puerto Montt's Terminal de Transbordadores to Chaitén at 11pm daily, year-round. The trip takes nine hours and usually runs overnight and is less than…
Boat in San Juan de la Costa


Boatman Rubén Pailapichún leaves for Caleta Cóndor daily between 8am and 9am from December to March or by reservation the rest of the year. If you can't get in touch with him, you'll find his wife at Comida Rápida D…
Ferry in Río Puelo

Transportes Puelche

Transportes Puelche operates the 45-minute Lago Tagua-Tagua crossing to the road's extension at Puerto Maldonado three times daily in January and February (7:30am, noon and 4:30pm, returning at 8:30am, 1pm and 5:30p…
Bus Station in Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt Terminal

Puerto Montt’s waterfront bus terminal is the main transportation hub for the region, and it gets busy and chaotic – watch your belongings or leave them with the custodia (per 24 hours CH$1200 to CH$2400) while sort…
Boat in Caleta Cóndor

Caleta Cóndor Chile

This locally run company is your best best for the often-rough, two-hour boat ride from Bahía Mansa to Caleta Cóndor. Boats leave daily from September to March (or by reservation the rest of the year) from the pier …
Bus in Osorno

Terminal de Buses de Osorno

Long-distance buses use the main Terminal de Buses. Most services going north on the Panamericana start in Puerto Montt, departing about every hour, with a mainly overnight service heading to Santiago.